Our Vision:
RGE’s vision is to be one of the largest, best-managed and sustainable resource-based groups, creating value for the community, country, climate, customer and company. We are united by a common purpose to improve lives by developing resources sustainably.

Who We Are ?

RGE (Royal Golden Eagle) manages a group of resource-based manufacturing companies with global operations. Our work ranges from the upstream, comprising sustainable resource development and harvesting, to downstream, where our companies create diverse value-added products for the global market.

Our commitment to sustainable development, conservation and community development underpins our operations, as we strive towards what is good for the community, good for the country, good for the climate, good for the customer, and good for the company.

RGE was founded by Sukanto Tanoto in 1973 as RGM. The assets held by RGE companies today exceed US $20 billion. With more than 60,000 employees, we have operations in Indonesia, China, Brazil, Spain and Canada, and continue to expand to engage newer markets and communities.

What We Do ?

While our core competencies lie in growing and harvesting trees, and energy resource development, our companies across various sectors also produce and distribute a diverse range of quality products.

Our operations are driven by sustainable practices and development, to achieve quality with energy and cost efficiency. We adopt industry best practices and intensive research and development (R&D) to differentiate ourselves and maintain competitive advantage. Our teams of international professionals and the use of cutting-edge technologies remain key to our operations.

Our close engagement with governments and communities remains core to our business. We work towards establishing long-term mutually beneficial relationships, characterised by our dedication to the community (via infrastructure development, education), economy (via jobs creation, skills upgrading) and environment (via sustainable practices and R&D).

Currently, opening job vacancies in the city of Medan with the following positions:

If you think you are the one we’re looking for, submit your CV toπŸ“©: careers@rgei.com with subject: TA Specialist.

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