KJPP Benedictus Darmapuspita & Rekan was established in Jakarta in the year of 2008, serving as a new form of public appraisal firm substituting PT. Asian Appraisal Indonesia (established in 1973) subject to Minister of Finance decision letter No. 125/PMK.01/2008 date September 3, 2008 regarding Public Appraisal Services, which is the latest version from previous decision letter No. 57/KMK.017/1996 and No. 106/PMK.01/2006.

KJPP Benedictus Darmapuspita & Rekan is managed by Managing Partner and Partners, all of them have passed the Valuer Certification Examination, and posses The Valuer Licence issued by Minister of Finance.

KJPP Benedictus Darmapuspita & Rekan has been registered in Capital Market Supervisory Board (BAPEPAM) as capital market supporting profession. KJPP Benedictus Darmapuspita & Rekan continuously develops the database and existence supported by qualified registered valuers, experienced in asset valuation (real estate, plant and machinery and agriculture), business valuation, as well as other related services and all of them have become the members of MAPPI (Indonesian Society of Appraisal).

The appraisal reports produced by KJPP Benedictus Darmapuspita & Rekan are well accepted by practically all banks, Government Banks, Private Banks, as well as Foreign Banks among others since the company has been registered as trusted appraisal firms in those banks.

Scope of services offered by KJPP Benedictus Darmapuspita & Rekan are among others, but not limited to:

Land, building and other improvement, and other land development;
Installation and equipment chained as a unit and/or standing alone in the production process;
Transportation equipment, heavy equipment, communication equipment, health equipment, laboratory equipment and utility, furniture fixture and office equipment, and military equipment;
Agricultures, plantations, farms, fisheries, dan forestry;
Business entity;
Commercial papers and its derivatives;
Company’s rights and liabilities;
Intangible assets Economical damages due to certain occasions to support corporate action or material transaction;
Fairness opinion;
Property development consultancy;
Asset information system design;
Property management
Feasibility study
Property agent services
Project financing monitoring.

KJPP Benedictus Darmapuspita & Rekan possess a great deal of experiences in its field of services, which cover asset valuation for Government Owned Enterprises, asset valuation for Initial Public Offering (IPO) through Capital Market/Stock Exchange, valuation of asset in huge numbers spread all over Indonesia, feasibility study and project monitoring, business & share valuation of Government Owned Enterprises as well as public listed company, asset valuation of Regional Government for financial reporting.

Our professional fee are computed based on number of man-days required to conduct and complete the assignment, plus other related office charges.

Saat ini, KJPP Benedictus Darmapuspita & Rekan membuka lowongan kerja di kota Medan dengan posisi berikut ini:

Jika anda berminat untuk memenuhi kualifikasi diatas, segera antar langsung lamaran lengkap, CV, Fotocopy Ijasah Terakhir/ Transkip Nilai, Pasphoto terbaru dan dokumen yang diperlukan hanya melalui email: medan@bdr.co.id atau widia.s@bdr.co.id dengan subjek: posisi yang dilamar atau antar langsung ke:
HRD Department, KJPP Benedictus Darmapuspita & Rekan
Jl. Pembangunan No. 8C, (Griya Town House), Kel. Helvetia Timur, Kec. Medan Helvetia, Medan

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