Oki Pulp & Paper Mills merupakan salah satu perusahaan pabrik kertas yang merupakan bagian dari Asia Pulp & Paper (APP), Sinarmas Group.

Pabrik Oki Pulp and Paper berada di Ogan Komering Ilir, Sumatra Selatan.

Perusahaan ini merupakan anak perusahaan dari Asia Pulp & Paper Group.

Fasilitas pabrik yang dioperasikannya menghasilkan produk-produk kertas seperti kertas tanpa karbon, kertas halus dan sebagainya.

Saat ini, Oki Pulp & Paper Mills membuka lowongan kerja di kota Medan dengan posisi berikut ini:

Utility Operator

Deskripsi Pekerjaan:
Monitor and implement rutine control over boiler operations,
Ensure that the existing CCP is properly monitored and corrective actions taken when any deviation has been properly implemented in accordance with the requirements in the ISO document, HACCP Plan.
Controlling the activities / tasks of the operator.
Makes reporting of daily task results.
Implement PRP, Deep Cleaning, and Glass Monitoring.
Ensure actual recording of daily water usage and WWTP waste disposal so it can be traced to ensure the correct amount of usage.
Implementing boiler operational turnover when required according to superior instructions.
Reporting to the supervisor on the existence of an action if there is a calming on boiler operations.
Carrying out maintenance tasks when boiler, is not operating.
Hand over duties between Operators during shift change by filling out and signing logbook "handover".
Implement health and safety regulations.
Run Safety Regulation in accordance with applicable policy
Running the implementation of quality management system (ISO 9001: 2000, ISO 22000: 2005, Halal, SMK3, ISCC system, RSPO, SMART D_Safe, OHSAS 18001, HACCP).
Responsible in maintaining and maintaining all equipment and equipment (cleanliness) environment (environment) in the work location
Create daily, weekly and monthly reports for the officer.

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Technical Assistant

Job requirements:
Candidate must possess at least Bachelor's Degree
At least 2 year of working experience as technical assistant in palm oil industry
Fast learner
Placement in Padang Halaban

Job descriptions:
Creates a budget based on the field conditions and the estimated treatment plan for the following year.
Creates a monthly work plan and necessary materials based on the workshop work program.
Creates a daily work plan based on the monthly work plan and the current condition and needs.
Submits a plan of necessary operational workshop fund every month.
Creates an machine maintenance schedule (SPM) based on the working hours of the machine so that it can operate normally.

Coordinate all foreman, mechanics, and clerks to ensure the daily work plan (RKH) is implemented in accordance with set targets.
Coordinates and ensures all the needed labors and tools are available for all activities.
Coordinates and organizes the distribution of manpower, heavy equipment and vehicle based on needs in order to maximize the work of repairing the vehicles/machine/heavy equipment.
Requests for the needed materials for workshops and ensures they are available on time and they are appropriate.
Monitors all repairs done by the third party technicians that cannot be repaired by the first party and ensures the repaired vehicles/heavy equipment/machine are operable.
Ensures the accuracy of the spare parts repaired by a third party and the returns of the replaced spare parts (used) in accordance with company policy.

Checks the operational reports made by the clerks to ensure compliance with the set work plan.
Creates a request for the purchase of materials for the needs of the workshop and monitors their use based on the request reports.
Checks employees’ overtime, leave of absences, and payroll based on their attendance list made by the clerks for wage purposes.
Makes payment of wages directly to all employees in accordance with the set schedule and returns the remaining wages that have not been received by the employee to the office on the same day.
Supervising, Monitoring , and Coaching
Supervises and ensures all employees work in accordance with the set procedures.
Supervises and ensures the use of all labors and materials have been distributed, recorded, and reported correctly.
Monitors and ensures the operational of all vehicles/ heavy equipment/machines are operating normally and can be used optimally.
Monitors and ensures the maintenance of the vehicles/ heavy equipment /machines are implemented based on schedule to ensure the machines can operate normally and they are well-maintained.
Monitors and ensures the maintenance of the electrical installations, building water, and other infrastructure are done and scheduled well to ensure the operations of the plantations are not disrupted.
Supervises and ensures all the work are done according to the specifications , measured properly, and completed by the agreed time.
Monitors the work of his/her subordinates and provides inputs and feedbacks on their performances to his/her superior.
Consistently provides guidance and directions to the subordinates through a process of discussion and/or internal meetings
Implements Healthy and Safety Occupation ( K3 ) in the workplace.
Performs other duties as instructed by his/her supervisors.

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