Yayasan DRA Islamic School merupakan salah satu Sekolah Islam Bertaraf International Yang Mengadopsi Kurikulum Nasional, Kurikulum Cambridge dan Kurikulum Khusus Sekolah.

The DRA Islamic International School Educational Institution was established in mid-2017 under the auspices of the Islamic Education Foundation DRA Islamic School, a new alternative education figure in the middle of Deli Serdang city that implements Islamic Full Day Education programs that are different from models in general schools, in this case the DRA Islamic International School applies the basic concepts of “Integrated Activity” and “Integrated Curriculum” meaning that all children (physical, psychological, social) activities at school and at home remain in the education system.

Thus for 24 hours, students always learn and are guided by teachers and parents.

The value of excellence in educational programs at the DRA Islamic International School Education Institute is as follows.

Children get anticipatory general education on the development of science. Children get proper and proportional Islamic education. Children are prepared to become cadres of leaders of the people and the nation by providing leadership skills in daily learning activities. Children get anticipatory personality education on socio-cultural developments characterized by the swift flow of information and globalization. Children’s potential is channeled through extracurricular activities. The development of talents, interests and intelligence of children is anticipated early on through the monitoring of counseling and guidance programs. Trained and professional educators and educators who are ready to provide quality education and personality development to students. Students get lessons and guidance on practical worship (daily prayers, prayers, Islamic food and drink). For the provision of student life, The DRA Islamic International School Education Institute also applies the concept of Long Life Education. For that skills learn how to learn is always instilled in students, so as to form good habits in religion and learning. This will become a learning habit that is inherent in students, and will eventually become a learning culture.

Human resources are the main factor in the process of management and implementation of academic activities, this factor is a concern for the DRA Islamic International School Educational Institution to be selective in the process of acceptance of both academic staff and administrative staff. This is solely to maintain the quality and responsibility of the DRA Islamic International School Educational Institution towards stakeholders, namely parents, guardians of the students, the community and for sustainability from the existence of the DRA Islamic International School Educational Institution. The education level of the staff of the DRA Islamic International Schools Education Institution mostly has undergraduate (bachelor) strata as in tables 1 and 2 and will continue to be pursued for further study (S2).

Saat ini, DRA Islamic School membuka lowongan kerja di kota Medan dengan posisi berikut ini:

Jika anda berminat untuk memenuhi kualifikasi diatas, segera antar langsung lamaran lengkap, CV, Fotocopy Ijasah Terakhir / Transkip Nilai, Pasphoto terbaru dan dokumen yang diperlukan ke:
DRA Islamic School
Jl. Besar Tembung Simpang Jodoh, Desa Bandar Klippa, Kec. Percut Sei Tuan


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