SMT School is a market leading educator that is revolving around the Cookery and Pastry industry. As a school who dedicates all of the passion in Cookery and Pastry industry, we value our students and we are very student oriented. With the guidance provided by our educators, we will help our students to grow their culinary skills and meanwhile we are trying our best to build their character and creativity as a chef.

All students who are from SMT School shall be ready for working environment, especially in their respective expertise in both Cookery and Pastry. Graduates from SMT School shall be also with critical thinking skill that will help them to strive in their career.

SMT School was established with the support from our greatest team. We dedicate ourselves to bring out the best potential from our students, to stimulate them to bring out their inner talent and to outshine their best personal positive traits. Our team provides the positive energy to all of our students. We believe SMT School will be the best vessel to deliver our students to their success and we are nurturing the best chef in the industry, globally or domestically.

To form our fellow alumnus as a professional, skillful, independent and a trustworthy chef, with the National or International quality within their skills.

OUR MISSION: To provide our fellow students with the skills and the knowledge as a reliable chef. SMT is focusing on teaching the students in their practical ability instead of merely the theories..

To coach our fellow students to be a team player, with the training that is focusing on their team work and to educate them to be contributive to their team. The fellow students shall be able to work comfortably on a team or as an independent individual in the kitchen, thus the students will cultivate their inner confident during their learning journey.

To educate our fellow students with the combination of both national and international industrial's knowledge, with the materials that are presented in English.

To always improve ourselves in terms of the professionalism, to continuously improving the quality of our educators, to enhance the learning environment and facilities, and also to continuously advancing our curriculum and syllabus, with the consideration of the real situation and trends in the industry.

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Jika anda berminat untuk memenuhi kualifikasi diatas, segera kirim langsung lamaran lengkap, CV, Fotocopy Ijasah Terakhir / Transkip Nilai, Pasphoto terbaru dan dokumen yang diperlukan hanya melalui email: dengan subjek: posisi yang dilamar.


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