PT. Indorasaprima Sukses Gemilang is a Company in the business of Mannufacturing, especially in the food and beverage sub sector. The company was founded in 1950. The resulting products are: Mihun, Corn Vermicelli, Stick Noodles and Crackers.

Through perseverance, the pioneering business developed rapidly. With the founders quickly turning a small home industry in to a corporate company.The process of making products was developed with modern technology, prioritizing quality an hygiene. The company’s product are currently marketed locally to National. 

The Company’s Product are marketed under Several Brands as follows “Blueberry, Bayam Merah, Sapi Mas, Tunas Bawang, Selada Air , Dua Bangau, Singa Mas, PTS and 88.” 

The Company’s product are made from best ingredients and processed hygienically, so they are safe to eat, healthy and enjoyed by all society. The Company also works with other local food companies to absorb the need for raw materials. As a mean to improve the welfare of local farmers. 

To date, the company continues to innovate products and to improve its quality through fulfillment of national and international product standard. The company continually makes effort to integrate quality control, production, and product development in order to deliver quality products required by the community. 

The company is committed to maximizing distribution evenly so that it can be easily reached by all levels of society.

Saat ini, PT. Indorasaprima Sukses Gemilang membuka lowongan kerja di kota Medan dengan posisi berikut ini:

Admin HRD

Pendidikan Minimal Sarjana
Pengalaman min 1 tahun bagian personalia
Familiar dengan laporan-laporan personalia
Terbiasa kerja dengan target
Berpengalaman mengurus BPJS dan gaji pegawai
Memiliki pengetahuan yang baik pada Microsoft Office
Bersedia bekerja dalam team ataupun mandiri

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